Since the beginning of 2020, the new CORONA SARS COVID 19 virus has had us firmly in its grip.

extrunet has never underestimated COVID 19. The highest health measures such as mandatory masks, distance regulation, ban on visits, etc. were consistently implemented. In 2020 the whole team was divided into 2 teams and every 2 weeks the team was changed. This would bridge the quarantine period in case of infection. The IT team made it possible in record time for many employees to work in a home office. Via video conferencing, there was a regular exchange between the staff and also with customers. That way, contact is never broken off. Technicians were brought back from abroad with the utmost vigour to protect them and their families.

With an enormously high order backlog, we plunged into the lock down. The economic damage for us and the entire industry is enormous. Unfinished orders with long delivery delays are the result. The lack of knowledge about the virus, an unclear future as well as the collapsed economy led to a freeze in investments for many of our clients, as well as for us. Delays in deliveries from suppliers made it difficult to complete unfinished orders in-house. Short-time work from March to the end of September was the only chance to survive the crisis.

But now things are looking up again…

Stand: 28.09.2020
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