Handover of the wooden horse by the association “Horses for our children” and the sponsor extrunet (represented by Manuela Gruber)

The joy was great – and the closeness to the horse immediately given.

Sponsoring wooden horse Horses for our children – nursery Eberstalzell

Children are our future and also the future workforce for extrunet. Eberstalzell impresses again and again with its colourful diversity that prevails in the village. Here, people really want for nothing.

Except….. the children at the Eberstalzell kindergarten on a wooden horse to play on.

So in summer 2020, extrunet decided to fulfil this long-awaited wish with a donation of € 500 and to make this great project possible for the children through the association “Horses for our Children”.

Children understand by being touched (Hugo Kükelhaus)

How else could one be more “moved” than through direct contact with the horse as a living being. “The horse as friend and helper” – “The happiness of this earth lies on the back of horses”.

These are not just empty proverbs.

Thus, the horse provides great services in different areas. Whether in leisure time or in sports, but especially in educational and therapeutic areas, the horse has become indispensable. The association “Horse for our Children” tries to bring this awareness back to the people and with the help of extrunet another step has been taken.

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