extrunet’s Speed Dating: A different kind of company tour!

Under the motto “Speed Dating”, extrunet took all interested customers, suppliers and potential employees on a virtual journey through the modern company premises at the Austrian site in Eberstalzell on 09th of december 2021 extrunet used this way to make new contacts without extensive travelling, testing and Covid requirements! Interested people from all over the world (Argentina, India, France, Poland and Austria) soon got to know extrunet.Argentina, India via France, Poland and Austria) soon got to know extrunet.

Who we are! What we are and what we stand for…
…was the motto of this 30-minute presentation in English, due to the international audience.
After a few introductory words of welcome, the participants followed moderator Richard Füßlberger (Sales Manager at extrunet) on a live tour of the modern, new company building. A subsequent short film provided information about the most important facts.
Mr. Füßlberger presented the location in Austria live with its extruLounge, which was just prepared for the daily lunch and the modern equipped meeting room with Owl video conferencing system, which allows the meeting participants a 360° field of view with intelligent 360° microphone. In the “glass” technical centre, the tour continued with the company’s product range and the digital advantages extrunet has to offer, not only in its hardware but also in presentation systems. “The technical centre is equipped with high-end cameras throughout and allows customers to follow test drives and acceptance tests online from the comfort of their own homes,” says moderator Richard Füßlberger.

For the virtual tour of the office building, extrunet used a Handycam. The white snow in front of the entrance door underlined the live version of this presentation. At the end of the speed dating, the participants were offered a discussion round for open questions.

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