Profile – stacking unit

Profile Stacking Unit

orderly storage of profiles

  • with profile turning device
  • with e:PWD – extrunet Profile Weight Detection (weighing device)
  • with profile length measurement
  • in combination with e:PMC – extrunet Profile Measurement Control only verified quality is stored
  • with extrunet central control, all stacking instructions can be called up centrally.

Your advantage

Our profile stacker makes it possible to speed up production processes considerably. The automation of tasks such as stacking into pallets and 100% control of profile weight and length not only saves time, but also resources. This leads to a rapid amortisation of the investment, as production efficiency is increased immediately.

extrunet profile stackers offer a wide range of options to fulfil special requirements. The profile length can be measured, individual profiles can be weighed and even profile rotation can be activated for optimised stacking. This flexibility makes it possible to further optimise production and ensure that products meet the highest quality standards.

In combination with optical measuring devices (colour, gloss), it is possible to ensure that profiles are not only efficient but also of the highest quality. This ensures that end products fulfil your customers’ expectations and give you a competitive edge.

The extrunet profile stacker in combination with e:MAC-D promises high transparency, reproducibility and potential savings. The modern extrunet:MultipleAirControl-Die (e:MAC-D) air management system influences the melt flow of individual profile sections by heating or cooling. This enables the profile weight to be reduced by extrusion in the lower tolerance range. Production processes can thus be automated, reproduced and efficiency increased, while the quality of the products is guaranteed at the same time.

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