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ECO+ Central vacuum

State-of-the-art vacuum management with control valves. Required vacuum volume can be provided by one (preferably, highest energy efficiency) or several FU-controlled vacuum pumps. The vacuum levels are set via control valves which draw the vacuum from a large vacuum reservoir – thus there is no mutual interference.

  • ECO energy efficieny

ECO Vacuum FU-regulated

Vacuum supply in dry area with frequency controlled vacuum pumps, in wet area with separation tank incl. side channel compressor and water pump.

Cross Box

Central vacuum with a vacuum & water pump incl. valve technology for suctioning off the calibrators and the vacuum/water tank

  • Crossbox

e:MAC – extrunet Multiple Air Control

Modern Air Management to influence profile sections. Matched to profile geometry, reproducable.

e:MAC-C: air regulator on the dry calibrator with contour plates

e:MAC-D: air regulator in the die. Influencing the melt flow by local cooling or heating.

The air control unit can be a stand-alone unit or built into the calibration table.

Profile-related data recording in the central control.

Can be retrofitted to existing tools!


e:MCC – extrunet Multiple Cooling Control

State-of-the-art cooling water management – digital control of the cooling water flows in the cooling calibers – influence on the profile geometry by local increased or decreased cooling.

Cooling problems can be identified by the flow rate before any damage occurs to the profile!

Different cooling water temperature levels for special cooling, cooling in dry caliber and cooling in the tool tanks can be realized. This allows enormous savings to be achieved in cooling water circulation.

Cooling mode can be stored for each tool and is therefore reproducible. Early warnings in case of malfunction (cooling problems).

e:ASI – extrunet Air support internal profile chamber

Digitally adjustable air volume as supporting air for the inner workings of complex profiles (narrow hollow chambers, sealing profiles with hollow chamber).

e:PBD – extrunet Profile Breakage Detection

Early warning of profile breaks and partial profile breaks – optical, acoustic and digital – already during dry calibration.

The automatic opening of the calibration table (increases the distance between die and calibration table) leads to relaxation and prevents material accumulation between die and calibre.

e:PSC – extrunet Profile Slipage Control

Digital equipment for detecting slippage on the profile with the initiation of countermeasures.

Only in conjunction with an external length measurement (measuring wheel).

Difference measurement between the encoder of the trigger and the measuring wheel indicates slippage of the profile. The regulation influences the back pressure.

e:PWD – extrunet Profile Weight Detection

Digital recording of the actual profile weight on the tilting table.

Left/right ejection of the profiles (separation production/waste)

e:PMC – extrunet Profile Measurement Control

In conjunction with an in-line profile measurement, the functions of e:MAC and e:MCC can be used to keep dimensions permanently within predefined limits.

e:TPS – extrunet Table Positioning System

All axles motor driven

Measuring system on all axes

Profile-related data storage

    e:DIGI data acquisition and data analysis

    extrunet systems are equipped with the function of digital data acquisition.

    The OPC-UA server integrated in the PLC provides the process data of the entire plant for evaluation.
    The data transfer software “DATAFEED” retrieves these process data and transfers them to an SQL database.
    All data is thus historically available and can be analysed.

    Scope of services:
    • Data acquisition of all relevant process data of the plant
    • Transfer of the data into a SQL database
    • 1x standard dashboard for the display of current production data via Grafana
    • 2x standard reports
    • 2x e-mail notification events
    • inclusive license DATAFEED
    License SQL database not included

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