Interview with our employees

After 10 intensive years in the field of extrusion, the turning point had come for me.
The trips to Chile, Brazil, Africa, as well as professional reorientation are priceless experiences that play a very big role and are very valuable for me. Nevertheless, the longing for extrusion was ever more present and one day my phone rang… Mr Ing. Dietmar Gruber!

After this conversation, it was clear to me that the new year 2021 starts with EXTRUNET-GREEN for me!
After almost 3 years “off” I’m happy to be back in the boat with the realisation that it’s not worse or better… it’s just mine!
I am looking forward to the journey with forward-looking, determined helmsmen and a motivated and strengthened team to achieve the new goals. Enjoying joint successes and overcoming the current extrusion challenges!

In 2016 I was invited by extrunet to work with them in sales. I was managing director of a German company at the time, but when I was told what extrunet was working on, I wanted to be part of the team.

I have known the profile extrusion industry since 1999, but what extrunet has done with Project 2020 has surpassed everything I could have imagined in this regard. The FUSION line is the most innovative thing I have ever seen in the industry.

The fact that extrunet is an owner-managed company has many advantages. All owners are involved in the top management, i.e. in all processes of the company. The decision paths are also correspondingly short. No matter whether it is a somewhat unusual customer request or a good idea for a product improvement. You have a direct line to the decision-makers, and if you convince them, the decision is quickly made.

The contact at the headquarters in Eberstalzell is friendly, even the common lunch table, which is donated by the company management on Monday and Thursday, has an almost family character.

So all in all, I can only say I’m glad I was called to extrunet and I’m really looking forward to the new company location with the world’s first fully digital technical centre.