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Thomas Balak

sales: GB, IRL, BEL
Asel Prentner

sales: GIS, Southern Europe
With February 2017 Mr. Thomas Balak will strengthen the sales team at Extrunet. With more than 30 years in sales of B2B products, and 16 years of them already in profile extrusion Mr. Thomas Balak comprises a lot of experience and will be effective quite soon.
Mr. Balak was in responsible function at one big manufacturer of tooling and machines for profile extrusion and will now use his experience and contacts for his new challenge at Extrunet. The perspective to strengthen sales at the leading company in profile extrusion technology was his motivation for the change.
Mrs. Prentner was born in Kazakhstan and has been working in the extrusion industry since 2008. The first years of her career she completed in Russia and since 2012 she has been working successfully in Austria.
Through her previous sales support, she knows our innovative extrunet products like almost no other.

Motivated and energetic, she is looking forward to the new challenge and the upcoming projects in the CIS area and Southern Europe.
The long-term experience in profile extrusion and in the sales service will help her.
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