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Nanoext method
Plastic profiles with nano technology
Especially the medical field requires a controlled environment , so-called clean rooms. But beyond, there are many other manufacturing facilities, such as the semiconductor requiring clean rooms.

Such required cleanliness often fails in products and environments such as in windows. Window profiles can not be disinfected 100% with its edges, undercuts and cavities. Therefore it remains with vulnerable to bacteria. i.e. the profile itself does not have antibacterial property.

Extrunet has managed to develop a specific method that can keep window profiles free of mould.
Customers of extrunet have several solutions available in order to avoid bacteria.

All procedures are being applied in-line, i.e. during the production process and the generated profiles do not require any further finishing .

Also, you will definitely have customers with the requirement for anti-bacterial protective layers for window profiles. We provide you with the "nanoext" process, a corresponding solution.

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