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Extrusion 2020
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Inline Measurement
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Inline Measurement
Quality inspection of extruded products
system generation ProfilControl 7

A major issue continues to be the reduction of waste production.

With our energy - saving system which automatically responds to pressure changes in the system calibration and corrects fluctuations automatically - we had considerable success.

A further step to reduce scrap rates, we were able to put the inline measurement „ProfilControl 7“ of Pixargus. The new hybrid system of unparalleled compactness provides automatic quality inspection of profiles, sealings, hoses, tubes and cables.

The innovative hybrid system, ProfilControl 7, provides surface information and topographic data with just one sensor. Modularly scalable with a new sensor technology, design and process control.

  • Quick and flexible use of the inline system which provides measuring data during the line start and throughout the production.
  • PC7, which combines surface inspection and contour measurement in a modular system, provides continuous, automatic quality control.
  • Up to eight Hybrid Power Multi Camera Sensors are in place to capture quality-relevant data in extrusion lines.
  • The innovative Pixargus MultiCamera Sensor head, which can be opened with one hand, makes it easy to place the system flexibly in the line - or remove it from the line - without having to interrupt production.
  • Several measuring and inspection tasks performed at the same time
  • Innovative lighting and the integrated light ring of PC7 provide an extremely homogeneously lit measuring field.
  • Enhanced quality data to optimize the process and network the production chain:
    PC7 not only provides measured data and evaluations in real time, but also processes quality-relevant data into a “defect map”.
  • As required, all components of the system can be managed within a decentralized line structure or centrally via a server.

  • The new PC7 series saves money as it no longer requires the investment in a separate shape measuring system.

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