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Extrusion 2020
Digital printing on PVC profile
e:MAC - Air Control
e:MCC - Mulitple Cooling Control
e:ASI - Air Support
System Development
Inline Measurement
Nanoext method
Bergsee in Niedere Tauern
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Extrusion 2020
a vision of the future
Competitiveness by technical advancement

Automated profile extrusion - Project Extrusion 2020

Increasing demands to the profile products concerning quality (exact geometry, surface constitution, color) require a continuous development of the extrusion equipment.

we aim to be reached at “Extrusion 2020”:

  • increase in productivity
  • minimizing of scrap rates
  • IST – data collection (manufactured merchandise)
  • centralized, operational data collection
  • reduction of water usage
  • additional energy savings

Flyer Extrusion 2020
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