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Extrusion 2020
Digital printing on PVC profile
e:MAC - Air Control
e:MCC - Mulitple Cooling Control
e:ASI - Air Support
System Development
Inline Measurement
Nanoext method
Danube by Schlögen / Schlögener Loop
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e:MAC - Air Control
You know it from your production. Air hoses between the die and the calibrator. It´s rare without them. But how efficient and especially how reproducible are these production aids?
The Aircontrol stops with these inaccurcies. Now you get the airstream exactly where you need it. And 100% reproducible!
your benefit
  • Control of material stream at the extrusion die

  • Manual adjustment of profile geometry and optimization of weight per meter through directed cooling at the extrusion die

  • Individual adapting of wall thickness at exterior profile sections

  • Reproducability by measuring of air volume flow

e:Mac - Air Flow I Extrusion 2020

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