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Extrusion 2020
Digital printing on PVC profile
e:MAC - Air Control
e:MCC - Mulitple Cooling Control
e:ASI - Air Support
System Development
Inline Measurement
Nanoext method
Ottensteiner Reservoir / Waldviertel / Lower Austria
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Digital printing on PVC profile
Your profile will go into print!

Digital printing on PVC profile in the line. Is this the end of time-consuming lamination?   

We offer you a digital printer installed directly in the extrusion line between the calibration table and the caterpillar haul-off which will print a strand of a 4-way foaming tool inline.
  • Design change without set-up costs
  • Profiles are printed directly
  • Process can take place inline (demonstration) but preferably offline
  • Ink with high UV resistance

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