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Extrusion 2020
Digital printing on PVC profile
e:MAC - Air Control
e:MCC - Mulitple Cooling Control
e:ASI - Air Support
System Development
Inline Measurement
Nanoext method
Masonfall bei Braz
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Innovations at extrunet

Extrunet will continue to implement innovations in order to simplify the extrusion processes to be introduced to the market . Only such innovations justify higher prices tobe obtained for our products. Another benefit of our organization is a strong profile systems design & engineering department. For some years extrunet has been developing the digitization of profile extrusion. At the end of 2017, this stage of development was presented to the extrusion world for the first time at an open house.

Profile extrusion becomes 100% digital
With the new developments, profile extrusion is now 100% digital, opening the way to self-learning and self-regulating systems. The first autonomously controlled extrusion lines will be available by the end of 2020 and will permanently change profile extrusion.

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